About Us

Our Company

Mission Statement

Our mission at Avenger is to bring prosperity to our clients through the application of sophisticated aerospace technology in such a way as to be seamless to their organizations. 


We do this with the intellectual know-how of our employees in engineering, certification, quality control and parts manufacturing, thus delivering solutions that bring success to our clients in everything that they allow us to take part in. 

Most importantly, we share an intense dedication to a culture of safety, which benefits our clients and the communities in which they operate each and every day. When we do this well, our company, our employees and our network of suppliers will also prosper, allowing the cycle of growth and an environment of safety to expand to all our collective communities.

Our Services

We are a well-rounded organization that provides aerospace technical services, part manufacturing, and FAA certification tasks both large and small. From single aircraft repairs up to full Type Certificate programs and everywhere in between, we are the one-stop solution for all of your aircraft support needs.


Our core specialties are structural engineering design, reverse engineering, Fatigue/Damage Tolerance analysis, life limit extensions, maintenance programs/usage evaluations, and FAA certification approvals including FAR Part 23, 25, and 26.


Visit our services page to learn more about how Avenger can keep you flying.

The Avenger Difference

Avenger takes pride in being a pioneer within aerospace consulting; always at the forefront of ground breaking engineering solutions and setting new standards of quality in manufacturing.


Because of our low overhead and highly integrated technical services staff, we can offer timely and reasonably priced technical services, analysis, DER support, and part manufacturing capabilities.

Meet Our Leadership Team

David Misencik, Principal / Senior Staff Scientist - FAA DER Structures

David Misencik is President of Avenger and has over 32 years of experience in the aircraft industry as a stress and damage tolerance technical specialist. David has an FAA DER Delegation for full airframe structural design, static strength, fatigue and damage tolerance for FAR’s Part 23, Part 25, and Part 26. He started his career at Boeing in Everett, Washington as a Structures Engineer and has worked for other OEMs such as Gulfstream and Lockheed. David also serves as the accountable manager for Avenger’s FAA approved quality system. He graduated from The Ohio State University in 1990 with a BS in Aeronautical / Astronautical  Engineering.

David Cummings, Principal / CEO / FAA DER Structures

David Cummings is a Lead Technical Specialist and has over 30 years of experience in the aircraft industry. He has also been an FAA Company Structures DER (19 years) with delegations for wing/fuselage/empennage structural design, static strength, major repairs and alterations, and materials and processes (metals) for 14 CFR Parts 23 and 25. He started his career at Northrop-Grumman in Pico Rivera, California on the B-2 Bomber program, and has worked for both large and small companies throughout his career, filling roles in many facets of the aviation industry including design, stress, manufacturing engineering, project management, certification, and DER support.  He graduated from The University of Minnesota in Minneapolis in 1987 with a BS in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics.

Tim Griggs, Principal / CTO / Senior Lead Technical Specialist

Tim Griggs is a Lead Technical Specialist at Avenger Aerospace Solutions with over 20 years of experience in the aircraft industry working as a structures engineer. He started his career with Lockheed Martin, working in both Greenville, SC and Marietta, GA on programs including F-22, C-130, P-3 (re-wing), and Gulfstream CAEW. Tim has experience working as an engineer in the industry in roles pertaining to stress, fatigue / damage tolerance, design, MRB and certification. He graduated from Virginia Tech with a BS in Mechanical Engineering in 2003.

Elizabeth Zeager, Director of Finance and Operations

Elizabeth Zeager joined Avenger Aerospace Solutions in 2018 and currently serves as the Director of Finance and Operations. In her role, Elizabeth manages accounting, financial reporting and analysis, as well as Avenger’s operational systems. She provides vital support to the Avenger leadership team, delivering critical data analysis and insight to help guide long-term strategic planning and decision making. During her time at Avenger, Elizabeth has supported financial planning & analysis, budgeting, forecasting, process improvement, and project management. Prior to joining the Avenger team, Elizabeth worked in the automotive manufacturing industry where she gained valuable experience in cost accounting, financial analysis, and process optimization. Elizabeth received Bachelor’s degrees in both Accounting and Business Administration from Furman University.

Andrew Misencik, Director of Quality Control

Andrew Misencik is the Director of Quality Control for Avenger Aerospace Solutions, a position he has held for over 10 years. In addition to managing Avenger’s quality system, Andrew oversees procurement and logistics for Avenger’s manufacturing projects. Previously, Andrew oversaw operations at Avenger’s manufacturing facility in Greenville, SC and also has worked as a Motion Control Distributor, where he used is valuable skills in purchasing, logistics and operations management. With over 40 years of experience in several fields, Andrew plays a key role in all aspects of Quality, Procurement and Logistics at Avenger Aerospace Solutions.